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Amis, Kingsley. The Alteration. Viking 1976.
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Amis, Kingsley. The Alteration. Vintage 2004.
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Amis, Kingsley. The Alteration. NYRB Classics 2013.

Amis, Kingsley. The Alteration
Divergence: 1502 CE
What if: Catherine of Aragon and Arthur of Wales had a son who became king of England upon the death of Henry VII. Later, Martin Luther became pope.
Summary: A boy soprano in 1976 Catholic England tries to flee becoming a papal castrato.
Published: Cape 1976 (022401305X); Viking 1976 (0670115223w88 android); Panther 1978 (0586044965); Penguin 1988 (0140099522); Carroll & Graf 1988 (0881844322w88 androidBUY); Easton 1993; Random House UK/Vintage 2004 (0099461080); and NYRB Classics 2013 (1590176170w88 androidBUY).
Original in: English.
Translation: Italian by Amina Pandolfi as Modificazione H. A., Sonzogno 1977.
Translation: Polish by Przemyslaw Zraniecki as Alteracja, Rebis 1994 (8371201516).
Translation: Swedish by Gunnar Gällmo as Förändringen, Delta 1978 (9172281758).
Awards: Winner: 1977 John W. Campbell Memorial Award.